Students from Fudan's partner universities could apply as

  • 1. Shanghai Summer School Scholarship Students:
    Shanghai Summer School Scholarship targets students with passports from the North American Zone. Besides a tuition waiver, the scholarship covers free on-campus housing, health insurance during the session and the trip to Tongli on top of the other activities in the program. The international return air tickets and pocket money should be borne by the student.
    To apply for Shanghai Summer School Scholarship, your home institution coordinator will need to email nominations to before you proceed with the online application process.

  • 2. Exchange Tuition-waiver Students:
    Based on bilateral exchange agreements, Fudan accepts Fudan's university-level exchange partners' nomination of students to join the ISS program with a tuition waiver.
    Your home institution coordinator needs to email nominations to before you can proceed with the online application process.

  • 3. Self-supporting Students:
    Self-supporting students from Fudan's partners will get 10% discount for tuition if our university is officially notified by partner universities.
    Please ask your home institution coordinator to email nomination for you to before you can proceed with the online application process. If accepted, when you pay the tuition you will get the 10% discount!

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