Note: FISS 2021 will be online and so the information below does not apply to FISS 2021.

1. International Students Dormitory(for holders of foreign passports containing a valid X visa or residence permit for study)Fudan International Students Dormitory is composed of a main building and supplementary buildings. The cafeteria and the Gym are directly behind the International Students Dormitory.

The main building located in the northwest corner of Fudan campus is a 23-story building with 728 rooms in total, including 582 single rooms and 146 double rooms. The lobby of the main building includes a reading area, mailboxes and a 24-hour reception desk service. From the 2nd floor to the 20th floor, each floor is equipped with 2 kitchens at both ends of the corridor. The kitchens are equipped with an induction cooker and an automatic water boiler. All rooms in the main building are equipped with a balcony, an air-conditioner, a private bathroom and Internet access. The main building has elevators.

The supplementary buildings consist of 8 identical 7-story units, which altogether have 448 single rooms. Each floor has two apartments, and each apartment has 4 single rooms, 1 sitting room and 2 bathrooms. Each of the single rooms has a balcony, an air-conditioner and Internet access. Please note that the supplementary buildings have no elevators.

Foreign students can stay at the International Students Dormitory. Please note that a single room in the main building with a private bathroom is not guaranteed. The quantity and type of dorm rooms provided by the school will be based on the actual situation.

Dormitory Fees
Room Charges for
the Entire Session
Main Building Single room 3000 yuan
Double room 2100 yuan per person
Supplementary Building Single room 1640 yuan
Electricity Each room will have 200 kilowatts of free electricity upon check-in. We advocate awareness of energy conservation. If electricity runs out in your room please go to the reception for more and it will be free. There is no refund for electricity.
Water If you stay at the supplementary building or the Asian Youth Center, you will need to purchase a water card to take showers. The cost is about 1-2 yuan per day.

1. Beddings are provided, but there are no personal toiletries.
2. The rent will be paid online after reservation. There will be no refund if you move in late or check out early.

2. Harbour (for students from Chinese mainland only)It is privately-run and provides single rooms. The room charges range from 3500 yuan to 4500 yuan per month. The Harbour building of the Fudan community located at 2602 Songhuajiang Rd. is very close to the South Dorm of Fudan University. You can scan the QR code below and download the 湾流 app to contact them for reservation or inquiries.


(for both foreign students and Chinese students)It is privately-run and provides single rooms and double rooms. The address is 173 Handan Rd. which is very close to Crowne Plaza Fudan, about 8 minutes’ walk to the 6th teaching building of Fudan. Please visit the website for detailed information.

4. Tongzhou Hotel

(for both foreign students and Chinese students)1546413436339647.pngTongzhou Hotel is a 6-storey building right opposite to the East Gate of Fudan University.  The address is 428 Guoding Rd. There are altogether 32 rooms and the room charge of a double room is CNY 200-230 per day. The contact number is 86-21-65110356.

5. Other accommodation options around Fudan
Zhengda Hotel of Fudan CNY 328-420 per day (Double Room) 220 Handan Rd. 86-21-65643941
Yanyuan Hotel of Fudan CNY 360 per day (Double Room) 270 Zhengtong Rd. 86-21-65115121
Hanting Hotels and Inns CNY 294-341 per day (Double Room) 2628 Songhuajiang Rd. 86-21-61434888
Crowneplaza Hotel CNY 900 per day (Double Room) 199 Guoquan Rd. 86-21-55529999

Notice: The prices are subject to change and some of the prices are corporate rates.

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