How to arrive at Fudan University International Students Dormitory on Handan Campus (57 Wudong Road):

-   From Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the Dorm:

Option 1: A taxi ride costs around RMB 180 before 22:00 and RMB 230 after 22:00. The ride is about 50 minutes.

Option 2: You can take Airport Express Line 4, get off at Wujiaochang Station (RMB 20), and then take a taxi to the destination (around RMB 14). It takes about one hour.

Option 3:You can first take the Maglev Train at the airport, get off at Longyang Road (RMB 50, 7:02-21:42) and then take a taxi (around RMB 60-80).

Option 4: Take Metro Line 2 (6:00-22:00) at Pudong Airport, change to Metro Line 10 (6:29-22:39) at East Nanjing Rd. Station, and get off at Jiangwan Stadium Station. The fare is RMB 7. Then take a taxi to get to the Dorm (around RMB 14).

-   From Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to the Dorm:

Option 1: A taxi ride, which is about 40 minutes, costs around RMB 100 before 22:00 and RMB 130 after 22:00.

Option 2: Or you can take Metro Line 10 at the airport, get off at Jiangwan Stadium Station (RMB 5, 5:56-22:06), and then take a taxi (around RMB 14).

Public Transportation

The public transportation system in Shanghai consists of the metro system and the bus system. The metro system includes 14 lines in total. The bus system is composed of buses, airport expresses, etc. Generally, wherever you would like to go in Shanghai, metro is easy and fast. The nearest metro station to Handan Campus of Fudan University is Jiangwan Stadium Station of Line 10 (at Wujiaochang commercial center).

If you live off campus and need to get to Teaching Building No. 6, you can take Line 10, get off at Guoquan Rd. Station, and then walk along Guoquan Rd. for about 8 minutes.

It is a good idea to purchase a transportation card for your stay in Shanghai, which can be used on the metro lines, buses and taxis. But for taxi trips, it would be very convenient to use Wechat, or the 申程 app to get a taxi and pay the fare.

If you want to visit other cities, the high-speed trains are a nice option, especially if your destinations are places close to Shanghai like Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing. There is a train ticket office at the intersection of Guoding Rd. and Handan Rd. Or you may purchase the train tickets online at ctrip.

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