Shanghai City Exploration

  • Shanghai City Exploration

    The buddies will design several routes with different themes to help you experience the diversity of Shanghai. You can choose the route that you are interested in and explore Shanghai with our buddies.

    The theme routes in 2023:

    ☛ Be a local

    ☛ Parks in Shanghai

    ☛ Old Shanghai alley 

    Museums in Shanghai

    ☛ The most down-to-earth city life in Shanghai

    ☛ Coffee culture and niche subculture underground market

    ☛ Experience the Expo scenery and classic Pujiang riverside lifestyle

    ☛ The collision of traditional and modern architecture

    ☛ The root of Shanghai: historical cultural sites and new era

    ☛ Anime pilgrimage: modern culture of Japan's Gundam, the childhood memories of the old anime in Shanghai