• For Shanghai Summer School Scholarship holders and CLIC students

    Free on-campus dorm will be provided to Shanghai Summer School Scholarship holders and CLIC students at Fudan International Student Dormitory on the Handan Campus.

    International Students Dormitory Location:

    North District, No.57 Wudong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai


    Please use a Baidu Map to search for it.

    Check-in /Check-out Time:

    The earliest check-in date is Jul. 5,2024 at the university dorm and the latest check-out time is 12:00 at noon on Aug. 3, 2024. Within the check-in and check-out dates we specify, you can check in at any time because the reception is open 24/7.

    You will need to show your admission letter to the front desk.

    Note: If you have questions about accommodation, you may contact the dorm office:

    Tel: 86-21-65643413

  • For non-scholarship students

    For non-scholarship students

    Please arrange your own accommodation in advance. See here for a list of accommodation options provided by our previous FISS students.