Course List

Content Courses and Language Courses (2024)


1. Please note that this year, FISS offers:

  - 4 content courses in Session 1 (first two weeks from July 8-19)

  - 3 content courses in Session 2 (last two weeks from July 22-Aug 2)

  - 22 content courses that cover both Session 1 and 2 (from July 8 - Aug 2)

  - 3 Chinese language courses are 4-week courses from July 8 - Aug 2.

  - 2 PE courses are 3-week courses from July 8 - July 26.

2. Please click the course titles to download the course syllabi.

3. Each student can take up to 6 credits' content courses (apart from PE and Chinese language courses).

4. Chinese language courses and PE courses are optional. The Chinese language courses are for students holding foreign passports only (Non-Chinese Citizens).

5. Courses may be cancelled if there are fewer than 5 students enrolled. Students will be notified about course cancellation before July 10, 2024.

6. Face-to-Face courses will NOT be delivered online live at the same time. Online courses will NOT be recorded and there will be NO recorded videos shared.

7. Please download the course schedule HERE for more details.