Eat at Fudan

  • Eat at Fudan

    There are different types of food and dining halls available on and off campus, providing both Chinese and western cuisines. 

    Danyuan Restaurant(旦苑食堂) is situated on the east side of the Guanghua building with the landscape of Fudan University.

    As the dining hall that accommodates the largest number of people in Fudan, Danyuan Restaurant can cater for up to 10,000 diners every day. It is best known for its fast food which satisfies the demand of students and teachers with a tight schedule. On the first and second floors of Danyuan Restaurant, varieties of dishes are provided at an affordable price without the need for meal preparation. Students can enjoy delicacies efficiently and at a reasonable price. (*Dishes may be seasonally adjusted and is subject to on-site supply in the dining hall.)

    Nanyuan Dining Hall(南苑食堂) is the only dining hall in Fudan which is located outside the campus and is open to the public. With a student card, you can enjoy a 20 percent discount when dining on the second floor. There is also a convenience and fruit store nearby the canteen, which enables you to treat yourself with some fresh fruit after your meal. The spicy hot pot is the most popular dish at Fudan Staff Dining Hall. You can help yourself choose from a variety of meat and vegetables and select the level of spiciness that most suitable for you. The chef will then cook this food altogether in a pan.

    Nanyuan Dining Hall offers a wide variety of dishes for you. There are some delicate and selective dishes such as steamed chicken with chili sauce (a traditional dish native to Sichuan Province), sweet and sour pork fillet as well as steamed broccoli, which are both highly rated among the students.


    Fudan Staff Dining Hall(教工食堂)is the nearest dining hall to the Sixth Teaching Building, where you take classes during FISS. It got the nickname of the Small South Dining Hall for its location in the south district as well as its relatively small area.

    As the Chinese proverb goes, 'a sparrow is small but has all its senses', and so is the Fudan Staff Dining Hall – small but complete, and always crowded with students searching for delicate cuisines.

    It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast dishes include Chinese traditional snacks such as steamed buns, soy milk, fried rice, porridge, egg cakes, sweet potatoes, tea eggs and so on. Meat buns are affordable and large, with delicious meat and gravy. Small wontons and steamed purple potatoes are also popular.

    Northern District Dining Hall(北区食堂) is renowned as the most luxurious on-campus canteen among Fudan students. It locates in the Beiyuan Student Life Park of the Handan campusSurrounded by student apartments, this Dining Hall includes eight Chinese cuisines, as well as western restaurants, halal restaurants, bakeries, and is equipped with a green intelligent collection and treatment system for kitchen waste. 

    In addition to the core function of eating, there are activity rooms and self-study areas in the dining hall to fulfill the needs of students looking for learning and communication.